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The Great Lakes Electric Meter School (GLEMS)


Originated in 1989 by a committee composed of members of electric utilities, electric utility manufacturers and experts in the utility field.

The mission of the school is to serve as a medium for the exchange of information and techniques to preserve and further improve upon high quality utility service.  The school also fosters professional relationships between company personnel as a means of assuring intra-industry communications.

GLEMS annually offers a variety of courses to meter personnel.  Additionally, the school serves as a clearinghouse for new information and as a rallying point on matters of industry-wide concern.

GLEMS is co-sponsored by Ferris State University.

For information contact:

Corporate and Professional Development
The University Center for Extended Learning, Ferris State University
410 Oak Street, Alumni 113, Big Rapids, Michigan 49307
Toll-Free:  800-562-9130   Email:

Correct Metering Methods

GLEMS balances classroom with hands-on training opportunities that highlight the correct metering methods and provides a safe environment to demonstrate incorrect activities that would result in severe injury. Students will increase their understanding of the risks related to working with high capacity circuits and be able to identify or troubleshoot metering problems.