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Infrared Thermography


We are a certified testing company for infrared thermal scanning including, but not limited to, the following applications for all building types:

Electrical Systems

  • Insurance requirements or discounts
  • Quality assurance of new installation of repairs
  • Increased safety
  • Locate & identify problems prior to failure
  • Reduced damage or repair costs

Mechanical Systems

  • Excessive friction testing (rotating assemblies, motors gears)
  • Non-uniform heat flow
  • Non-uniform temperature distribution
  • Inadequate fluid flow
  • Differences in capacitance (tank, silo levels)

Residential & Commercial Building Envelope Studies

  • Structural inspections
  • Air leakage /air movement inspections (ASTM E 1186)
  • Roof moisture inspections (flat or slope roofs)
  • Thermal irregularities in building energy systems (ISO 6781)
  • Insulation installation inspections (ASTM C 1060)
  • Personal discomfort inspections (tenant spaces)